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Box spring bed Seth is a luxury set consisting of a stitched headboard, two foam lower boxes, each with 6 plastic legs, 2 pocket spring mattresses of 360 springs per m2. The mattresses are covered by a top mattress of one piece finished in HR Cold foam with a thickness of 10 cm.
Due to the high adaptability of this box spring, you lie soft and comfortable, but also firm and with sufficient support. The top mattress provides an extra cover and also ensures that the seam in the middle of two mattresses can no longer be felt. Whether you relax in your own place or if you visit each other, every place on this box spring is equally comfortable.

Sleeping size 160 x 200 cm = Width headboard: 180 cm
Sleeping size 180 x 200 cm = Width headboard: 200 cm

You can compose this item yourself. NJOY has a big assortment of fabrics and colors. Or a different size according to the space you have or with the right accessories you like to add. You can also change the material of the top mattress in Latex or Memory foam.
Also available by order in: 210 cm or 220 cm for tall people.

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