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- This stock model is covered with Dakota leather.
Dakota leather is a leather with a microfibre top layer. This top layer is pressed at a high temperature onto the rough bottom layer of the bovine leather.
- The microfibre layer feels soft and warm instead of cold as leather without a top layer.
- The microfibre layer has a two-tone effect.
- Thicker leather than normal dyed leather, resulting in a stronger and beautiful full appearance.
- Leather / Leather is a natural product with a natural and flexible stretch. This can cause folds to form.

Number of seats: 3 seats
width: 235 cm
depth: 93 cm
height: 82 cm
Armrest width: 22.5 cm
Armrest height: 59 cm
Seat height: 44 cm
Seat depth: 59 cm
Back height: 44 cm
Material: Leather
Color: Multiple colors
Seat cushion: Upholstered
Back cushion: Upholstered
Leg height: 15 cm
Base: Metal
Leg color: Black

You can compose this bank yourself. It is available in other sizes and other fabrics. Contact us or come to the store to see the possibilities.

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