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I love our Island and Njoy living here.
I Njoy my work on this Island I love.

The Short:
Njoy interior & Kitchens is founded by Johan Verveer. Njoy is a Ibiza-based furniture store. Johan´s passion is a to create a great interior or kitchen for every customer. Very welcome to visit my store.

About us

The Long:
I am born in a very small beautiful village Hendrik Ido Ambacht, in The Netherlands. I have a 10 year older brother and a 6 year older sister. So my life was not that easy 😊. But I survived!

School was not my favourite thing so, I decided to start working at a young age at a company with more than 100 stores in the country. During my work (when I was older) I figured out that education is not so bad at all. So I started the study Small Business and Retail Management. This brought me to a next stap in my life: Area Manager of a jewellery company where, I was responsible for 25 stores. After 5 years loving my work, I met my husband. 1 year later we were married, had 2 kids (our lovely dogs) and we moved to Ibiza.